Testing requires 3 to 4 appointments. The first appt, the diagnostic interview, takes approximately one hour. During this appointment, you will meet with a licensed psychologist to discuss current symptoms and challenges as well as your history regarding health, family, and education.

The next one to two appointments will be scheduled approximately 1 month following the initial appointment and are for testing administration. These appointments are booked on this schedule to allow us to submit any documentation needed for insurance prior to testing. These appointments can range from 2 to 6 hours, depending on the referral question/concern and the age of the child. Additional time outside of these appointments will also be required to complete rating forms and answer additional questions.

4 to 5 weeks following the testing administration appointments, the last appointment will be booked. This last appointment is a feedback session where you will meet with your provider to discuss the results of the evaluation. These appointments are booked on this schedule to allow forms and information to be collected from multiple raters (e.g., parents, teachers, clinicians) and to allow for scoring, interpretation, and report writing. You will be provided with a full written report that includes all test results following this feedback session.   

The entire time to complete testing is approximately 3 months; however, this time could be shorter depending on your referral questions, insurance, and how quickly you complete provided materials.

Spectrum Mental Wellness provides comprehensive psychological, neuropsychological, and developmental assessments. This means that many factors are taken into consideration to make determinations about your specific needs. These factors and considerations take time to compile and evaluate. We make every effort to provide your results as quickly as possible.

In general, parents are typically not in the room when their children are being tested; however, parents may be asked to participate in some aspects of the testing or may be asked to remain close by if needed. We ask that if your child is under 15 years of age, to please stay in the near vicinity of the building. Parents will also be given questionnaires to complete while their child is testing. Feedbacks will be scheduled after receiving all materials from the individual and/or parent of the individual. We typically ask that these forms be completed during your child’s testing appointment so that your feedback session can be scheduled following test administration. However, accommodations can be made if forms are not able to be completed at the time of testing.  **Please note that questionnaires are generally sent to teachers for child evaluations. Receipt of these teacher forms are not required to schedule your feedback session.

Please direct concerns and questions you may have to your provider and/or testing technician. You may of course request to observe your child’s testing, but this may be subject to space, provider judgement, and equipment.

Yes, definitely! There will be a break for lunch, and the time for lunch is generally dependent on the schedule for testing materials and the individual provider or technician. Lunch is typically taken off-site.  Small breaks can also be taken anytime you need. Definitely bring drinks and snacks if you prefer.

Parents and/or guardians are highly encouraged to attend the testing appointments; however, we are aware that in some situations this may not be possible. If such a situation arises, we will need written consent for the person bringing your child to the appointment as well as signed release of information allowance so that we may consult with the person in attendance. The referral form can be completed at our office, faxed, or emailed. (Click to View Forms).